New Year's dinner

On January 16th, 40 women gathered at Amigo Gent for The Epic Dinner. The aim of the event was to provide a platform for women in the hospitality industry to connect, network, and learn from each other.

The highlight of the evening was a keynote speech by Veronique Bockstal, the 1million euro woman, who spoke about how to overcome self-limiting beliefs. Self-limiting beliefs are thoughts and attitudes that prevent us from achieving our goals and living up to our full potential. Veronique's speech was engaging, inspiring, and thought-provoking, and it left the attendees feeling motivated and empowered.

After the talk, the attendees were invited to participate in roundtable discussions, where they had the opportunity to share their thoughts and experiences on self-limiting beliefs. The discussions were facilitated by the organizers, who encouraged the women to switch places during the courses, ensuring that everyone had the chance to network and learn from each other. Accompanied by great middle eastern sharing plates, low ABV cocktails and delicious natural wines, the women left the night more motivated and ready to work on their personal and professional goals.

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